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LCD Monitor Repair

By on August 25, 2007


Completed the LCD Monitor Repair course for the two participants. One from the Multimedia¬† University Malaysia and the other was my staff. I need to teach my staff so that in the future all LCD Monitor repair can be handle by him fully. At current moment he is repairing the CRT type of Monitors. There suppose to be three persons attending this course but one of them have an urgent matter to attend to so he called to reserved for the next course. By the way, today i received a call from Holland and enquired about the LCD Monitor participant workbook. He gave me his email address and perhaps i got it wrongly and can’t get through him. If you are the one who called me today please email me again so that i can contact you. Please visit this website and email me. Thanks!

Below are the videos captured during the three days course.

LCD Monitor Repair Video 1

LCD Monitor Repair Video 2


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