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LCD TV Repair Tips Volume 2 Review


LCD TV Repair Tips Volume 2 Review



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Review By: Jestine Yong


Ebook Title: LCD TV Repair Tips Volume 2

Ebook Author: Kent Liew

Cost: USD13.95

Delivery Method: Ebook format: Instant Delivery

Does this guide really work?

Yes definitely because it was the compilation from actual fault and solution from 21 brands of LCD TVs in the market. This is a practical guide and not about LCD TV theories. Using the information in this manual will surely improve the repair rate in LCD TVs.

Pro and cons of LCD TV Repair Tips Volume 2


– It has about 51 photos (excluding the bonuses photos) to remove the guesswork. By referring to the photos you could easily know which section is faulty and you could use the photos to help you to troubleshoot other type of LCD TV model in the market.

– It comes with 3 bonuses (true case histories) on how he have solved

·        Sony KLV37S550 LCD TV with Stuck On Standby Mode Problem (23 photos)

·        LG-RM295B-RA with Display Distortion fault (12 photos) and

·        Samsung LA 32B350F2 LCD TV with Screen Full Of Black and White Thin Vertical Lines (17 photos)

– It has the “Fast Search Fault Index Page” – This means if you come across a LCD TV that have the audio fault, you can easily refer to the page that have the solution for audio faults on different model. This could definitely save your time.

– It has 60 days money back guarantee.

-You can email Kent for any support question on LCD TV Repair


-This Ebook is not for newbies. It is written for those already know how to repair electronics equipment. However, if your intention is to involve in the LCD TV repair in the future then it will not be a waste to get the Ebook.

-Since this Ebook is in PDF format thus you have to take the trouble to print all the 105 pages out for easy reference.

-Not all problem solution have the photos to assist the readers.

-It would be an added advantage if he could include few more true case histories in the Ebook.

Overall conclusion for LCD TV Repair Tips Volume 2 Ebook

This Ebook is one that is worth giving a try, especially since it provides all the good repair information on LCD TV repair. More importantly the Ebook does not make empty promises to repairers.

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Note: The first volume already sold more than 800 copies and there is no doubt that this volume 2 Ebook will be the next best seller for Kent. If you are in the LCD TV Repair industry then this Ebook is a must.