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Level Of Understanding Electronic Troubleshooting

By on August 1, 2008

To some people, electronic troubleshooting and repairing are complicated but to others it was quite easy for them. Well, every human being has its own ability to absorb information some will get it fast, some moderate and some are slow. But do not be discourage if you are a slow learner because the first time i studied electronic back in the 80’s, me too could not catch up what the lecturer say. Many electronic terms were foreign to me and I’m always behind my classmate especially dealing with building electronic project. I did asked myself “Why my other classmate were so good at electronics and i have to struggle to make myself understand about electronics”? I never give up and continue to learn, practice and study and this eventually yields result and here what i am today. Yesterday i received a testimony who bought my Testing Electronic Components ebook and this is what he emailed me:

“Hi Jestine,

I am Isuru from Sri Lanka and I purchased the e-book “testing electronic components” last week. First of all, thank you very much for the e-book “testing electronic components”, which I found to be a very impressive! After purchasing the e-book last week, I was able to repair an audio amplifier, a CD player & a Car stereo too! It is truly easy to understand and gives so much of detail in understanding the components and also, I was able to gain pursuit of knowledge, just within a week! More than that, the bonus reports were very much helpful! Currently, I am trying to repair my friend’s DVD player, which seems to be a short in the power supply circuit. Though I am being a novice, I guess your books made me feel like a pro!

I wish you great success!

Thank you once again!”

It seems that this buyer was a fast learner and could easily understand what i have written in the ebook. For those who are slow, do not worry (if you have read the above blog post, me too also a slow learner at the beginning) as i do provide support to you and make sure that you will be like him too. Don’t compare yourself with others, give yourself time and if you have any electronic problems just email me and I’ll be glad to help you out.



  1. Bebia chrisogonus

    April 5, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Goodevening sir, am an nd final in a private polytechic am a vistim of slowly in understand pls help me & show me the easier means of achiveing it faster to know it &be bles.

  2. admin

    April 6, 2011 at 7:05 am

    HI Bebia,

    Just don't give up and do lots of practical work.



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