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By on September 25, 2008

pasar road

I went to my local electronic suppliers (Pasar Road) today and bought quite a number of things from them. I bought hakko 981 solder guns, Goot desoldering pumps, heat compound, capacitor, alligator clips, test probes, shrink tubes, UF5408 diode, Uf5404 Diode, Uf4007 diode, on/off switch, digital multimeter (for my customer) and also a small magnifier table lamp with lighting. This small table lamp is very useful especially when you want to troubleshoot and repair SMD board that have lots of tiny components in it.

pasar road

I went to many shops but all of them does not have the latest semiconductor data books, i guess got to wait till next year for new edition. I also went to my friend’s electronic repair shop which is quite near to the electronics shops but he was not in otherwise i would have taken a photo with him. Normally my partner would come to this place (Pasar Road) and get electronic parts and i only go few months once.




  1. Sam C

    December 25, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Looks like you bought 3 Goot GS-100 desoldering pumps. How do you like them ? It is huge and has strong suction but the nozzle is too big for most repair work.

    I bought it from a Shenzhen web dealer and paid 25元 (~US$3.68). It says "Make in Japan" on it but judging from the cheap packaging and workmanship it is more likely a Chinese knock off.

  2. admin

    December 26, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    HI Sam,

    Those are original desoldering pump and found it to be very goot oh i mean good.It worth the investment.



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