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Looking At Color Test Pattern Software

By on March 25, 2009

monitor test pattern software

There was one time a friend of mine came into the technical department and jokingly said “why when every time i visit your place you keep on looking at the test pattern, don’t you have nothing else to see at the computer screen?”. For your information we as Monitor repairer have to depends on the Monitor test pattern software to identify the fault. This repair job is not like repairing Audio equipment where you have to listen to the sound. The good thing about the Monitor test pattern is that whenever anything wrong with the circuit, you could see that the test pattern will change for example a missing colour, one horizontal/vertical line, sync out, small/big width and etc. From the display problem shown, and if you have the experience you can actually go straight to the exact circuit location. For example, a missing red color will prompt you to check on the VGA cable, CRT board and straight to the RED circuitry.

Without a test pattern software we may have some difficulty in identifying certain problem like colour problem, jagged linesa and etc.  Yes you can always run the Windows display but with the test pattern you could instantly know what is actually wrong with the Monitor be in the LCD or CRT Monitor. Search from Google about this testing sofware and i’m sure will easily find one.


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