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Lowering Down The Repair Charges?

By on March 23, 2009

lcd tv repair

Do you know that the new equipment prices is getting lower. For example, two years ago i bought a unit of LG LCD32″ TV that cost about USD950.00 but now it has dropped to less than USD550.00! Besides cheaper price the newer LCD TV have more and better features too. This kind of situation happens to most of the consumer electronic equipment. How are we as electronic repairer going to face this kind of problem? Do we still maintain the repair price or lower it down? If we maintain the repair charge we may face lesser customers who opt for newer machine. If we charge low then how are we going to survive or do you just want to make some profit so that you can sustain your company?

I believe this questions already been playing in most of the electronic repairer mind and  i believe also that many electronic repairers had lowered down the repair price so that they will continue to get more repair jobs. Now you have a choice of which one to choose. Either lower down the repair price or increase the warranty period.

Since many years back my company had decided to increase the warranty period from 1 month till 3 months without lowering the repair price. Guess what? The sales have been still good even till today! I knew that my competitors had lowered down the price but they most probably have to repair twice the machine just to make some profit. I’m not sure about your company but i have seen some company from the internet that give 6 months till one year warranty period that cover the same replacement part.

One word for you is that once you have lower your repair charge then it will be difficult for you to increase back the price. It still depends on your preference of which method you want to use and i will always wish you the best in whatever you do.


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