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Melaka Photos

By on December 24, 2007

 Here are the photos taken from Malacca


 malacca photo

 malacca photos


 melaka photo

 melaka photos

It was a 2 days one night trip and we stayed at Everly Hotel (Previously known as Riviera Hotel). The moment we reached Melaka, we went straight to the A Famosa Fort. A Famosa Fort was built after Portuguese captured Melaka in 1511. A Famosa suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion in 1641. Only the entrance walls is left standing as shown in the first photo.

After that we went to the hotel and the kids just like playing sands and building castle by the beach. We left the hotel quite early in the morning because i don’t feel that well (had fever on that night). The moment i reached home (after 2 and a half hours of driving) not long after that i went to sleep-guess how long was it? It was a 13 hours sleep and i’m feeling much better now and expected to be fully recovered by tomorrow.



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  1. Stephanie Kok

    December 26, 2007 at 8:51 pm

    wuah! I can see that you are enjoying my hometown. So did you try any chicken rice ball? Stroll along Jonker Street?


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