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Met ERG Member At A Hotel

By on March 6, 2009

Few days ago i got an email from a ERG member saying that he had arrived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He told me that he need the Blue Ring Tester. Finally, today i met him at a hotel and delivered the Blue Ring Tester for him. We chatted for a while and he even introduced his wife and a friend and they told me that Malaysia is a beautiful country and will be going to a shopping mall later. He is gentle and a humble guy and he is from IRAN. He came here for holiday and I was a bit suprised when he told me that he worked as a travel agent before he retired from the job. He also told me that he like electronics since very young and have taken electronics course back in the 70’s from USA and it was the vacuum tubes era.

After retired he was thinking of learning back electronics and found my website. He even handed me a bank draf for the LCD Monitor Repair ebook. I’m grateful that i have met him and we took some pictures before i left the hotel.

erg member electronic repair


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  1. samir

    March 7, 2009 at 2:14 pm



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