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Monitors That Had Been Touch By Someone Before

By on September 18, 2008


The chances of successful  repair rate for an electronic equipment that had been repaired by inexperience technician before usually is not high. Why? Because many inexperience technicians sometimes do not know what they are doing. They made lots of error and if they can’t repair the set they would send to a professional repair shop or dealers hopefully the repair shop or the dealers could solve the problem for them. I don’t blame them for trying out and this is a fact i do came across quite a number of Monitors that had been touch up by someone before.

I really do not know who are they because i got the Monitors from our dealers and our dealers don’t repair Monitors. The thing that you don’t want to see the moment you open up the Monitor cover is MISSING COMPONENTS. If there is lot of components missing i will pack up the Monitor and return the set back to the dealers and will let the dealers about the problem hoping that they don’t receive such Monitors from the same customers again.

Besides components missing, sometimes you may encountered problem such as transistor installed the other way round, many big solder pad across the circuit board, solder bridge between components, loosen cables (degaussing and color cables out from the circuit), wrong part number especially on the diodes and transistors and etc. Normally we will not spend much time on such equipment because we know that the chances for us to repair the set was quite slim.

Recently there was a Monitor that had been repaired by someone and we found that the model have a common fault of IC problem. We found many solder joints problem and noticed that some of the joints have bridged over the other pins. We have cleaned the board but somehow the Monitor refuse to work-weird problem. We suspected that the person who repaired the Monitor may have shorted some other things in the circuit. Tracing back all of his previous job took us a lot of time and we decided not to repair it as we have more Monitors waiting for us to repair.

Well in this repair business we can’t always expect all equipment that come in for repair have not been repair by anyone before. You have to take note on which customers that always sent the equipment  that have been repair before by someone so that you would not waste more time on such customers equipment.  It’s just not worth it every time you have to waste more time to cover up  other peoples inefficiency work.


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