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More Equipment Means More Income?

By on May 10, 2010

The other day i got a call from a Tv repair friend to help him to program EEprom ICs. This EEPROM IC is belong to a Car Tyre Alignment machine. I went to his shop and saw couples of those machine and have few cards (small electronic boards) in it. I asked him why do you want to repair those machine and he said that since his shop nowadays do not get many TV for repair, so he diverted into repairing the automobile alignment machine. He do not have staff and if he could repair one machine a day, he already have profit! The charges for the machine is much much higher than repairing other electronic equipments.

If you have the capabilities to repair other type of electronic equipment other than the consumer electronics then go ahead and do it. Generally more equipment that you can repair, the more income you can earn. Now, take note- if you want to bring in lots of different types of equipment to repair, you have to be prepared on how to manage it. As mention in my previous post (many months back) one of my repair friends that repair lots of different types of equipment and because he do not know how to manage his shop, his shop now looks like a junk yard and you can hardly walk inside the shop due to lots of excessive equipment that did not claim by the owner. You may be wasting your time to repair the equipment that did not take back by the owner.

So now, does it mean more equipment that you can repair translated to more income? No, if you do not know how to manage it. Big equipment really can take up lots of space. If you are facing this problem, i suggest that you think of a way on how to solve it rather then to wait to be solved on its own. There is no way it can solve on its own. You have to act on it if you really want to see  money flowing into your pocket.


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