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More than one faults?

By on March 28, 2008

If you are a seasoned electronic repairer you would have to agree to me that sometime there could be more than one faults in electronic equipment. Although there were some cases of dry joints problem which is easy to repair, there were also complaint of one problem and end up two or three problems! Let’s take the monitor repair for example, the complaint was no power and after spending quite amount of time replacing those bad components like fuse, bridge rectifier, current sense resistor, power fet, power IC and zener diode, you power “On” the set later to discovered that the monitor no power symptom has resolved but the display now is very big (horizontal size to wide).

Sometimes it was quite frustrating too as you are expecting it to work and now you have to use your extra time to repair the additional problem. If you are new in this repair field, be prepare to expect this kind of problem!


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