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My House Internet Line Down Again!

By on March 3, 2009

As usual after reaching home and after taken dinner, thinking of checking my email and writing blog post i found that my internet line was down. I first thought it could be temporarily and waited till very late and the line was still not back yet. Today i went to my office a bit early to check and answer the emails and guess i have not enough time to send any post as I’m conducting a repair course (Basic Electronics) for a participant afterward.

Hope by today the line will be normal again otherwise i will have to reply all the emails in my office tomorrow which will cause some delay again.  By the way i just received a call from Papua New Guinea this morning and he thanked me for the ebook LCD Monitor Repair that he already purchased two days ago and already binded it as a book. He also told me that he wanted the Blue ESR Meter and  another ebook. I’m glad to hear those who had purchased the ebook and satisfied with it.


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