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My Personal Assistant

By on May 8, 2008

Have you come across situation like this “Arhh! what was the last repair idea i had just now” or “I have forgotten a good idea that i had yesterday about……..”. Human brain can’t retrieve so many things or event  that had happened. We tends to forget things so easily most probably due to our tight daily schedule, busy with our repair and etc. Sometimes once in a while out of sudden “pop up” an idea or solution on how to …… while driving, walking, talking, resting, sleeping and etc but we are so easily forgetful about the past. Due to this problem, i use a digital recorder to record anything yes anything that have related to ideas so that i can retrieve the ideas back anytime and anywhere i want.

 panasonic digital recorder

Sometime when the ideas lost, it may lost forever and there is no way you could recall it. By having the digital recorder,  I’m actually like having a personal assistant helping me in jotting down all the important thing and will never missed even one! In other words, its like a second brain to me and i can tell you that it really help a lot. You can erase the recording anytime you want. Mine was an old Panasonic model and nowadays you can get the slim type which is slightly bigger than a marker pen! Let’s come back to basic, even though if i could have so many ideas (be it on repair or some other topics) but if no action taken nothing will happen! I really can’t afford not to carry one in my pocket because i don’t want good ideas just slipped away from my mind. If you haven’t invest one you should do it and see the power of your own ideas!


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