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By on February 25, 2009

I used to get emails with such question like:

My Monitor no power what is the problem?

How would you like to answer that?

I normally get them to tell me what have they check  so that i can easily guide them. With such a broad question,  i guess no one could provide a good answer to them. The problem could be fuse problem, dry joint, did not connect the AC cable, shorted fet, shorted bridge rectifier, circuit track burnt, open start up resistor, shorted secondary diode, shorted HOT, shorted B+ coil and B+ FET and etc.

However i do appreciate to those who sent email to me telling me that the section or components that they have check and still not be able to identify the problem. With such question it can save both of our time so that i would not send an email to them asking what have they check and the possibility is high too that the problem can be solved.

By the way my web hosting did some fixing about the yahoo email  problem and if you did not get my reply  within two days please resend again-thanks!


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