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New Problem In Electronic Repair

By on March 29, 2008

Although i have seen and solved many Monitor problems somehow once in a while there will be problem that I’ve never see before. When i encountered such problem (assuming is a display problem) i would start with checking all the output voltages first. I have to make sure that the power supply is working perfectly first before i go to another level like using scope to look for any abnormal waveform and etc. These kind of problem may take us quite some time to repair it as there is no data or record that you can refer to. Can you imagine that there are lots of Monitor model in the market and we cannot expect all of them to produce the same fault when the Monitor have problems.

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Sometimes when you are out of idea on how to repair the problem, the best is to use the comparison method. With this way, it will give you a greater chances of solving the problem. You can compare all of the circuit voltages and waveform and your job is to look out for any difference between the good and the bad Monitor. Once you got the faulty test point, you will go further and easily locate the fault! If new problem can happen to a Monitor it can happen to any other types of electronic equipment too. Have a great rest and a blessed Sunday!


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