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New Repair Blog By ERG Member

By on August 25, 2010

repair blog

Remember the post where i mentioned about creating your own blog using the free Here, one of my ERG members Humphrey Kimathi from Kenya had taken the action and successfully built a repair blog. This is the email that i got from him:

Hi Jestine,

I am a keen follower of your blog and may I say that you have really made me razor sharp in electronics troubleshooting.  THANK YOU BROTHER. As if that in not enough your tips how to handle day to day life issues are also very real, remember new year resolution article you send us every beginning of the year? And also articles on self improvement are really very encouraging. Last but not the least you introduced to us on how one can start his own blog and I have just started one and is now up and running.

I have published a few articles and the latest one which I would like to share with my fellow members of your blog is making a homemade fly back tester using readily available strip board and its working for me very well. You are most welcome to visit my young blog born August2010 and feel free to give your comments and advice according.”


Kind regards

Humphrey Kimathi


Please click on the photo to check out the content of his blog. You are encourage to comment too.


Jestine Yong




  1. Muhammad Ataullah

    August 25, 2010 at 10:38 am

    HiMr.yong:I know yours time is very importent,when you feel comfortable you give me replay,Because i am still confused,i tray to compare digtal multimeter and Analog multimeter,i have in my bench very expensive and true rms digital digital mulimeter model number 72-410a of TENMA,i compare ETECH instrument 38070 Analog multimeter to test diode,inclouding zener diode,power diode,i find oposite result in forward bias,reversed bias,for exp i take power diode,GEin5060 and test from digital meter when i connect blk lead to cathode and red on o anode its showing forawrd bias or you can say forward voltage drop,but if you check from anlog meter you find opposit resullt,i discuss with my co workers he says our digital meter is auto change polarity may me!can you solve this problem.
    sorry for yours time
    Muhammad Ataullah

  2. admin

    August 26, 2010 at 1:32 am

    HI Muhammad,

    Many of our analog meters have a reverse output from the probes. You can use another digital voltmeter to confirm the polarity.



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