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Nice Email

By on June 25, 2008

Isn’t it nice the first day in the morning you read such email?


Dear Jestine:

Several months ago, I wrote asking your advice on a blinking power LED/flashing screen problem with this monitor. You very graciously replied, giving me some ideas on what to look for. Unfortunately I had no success so I put the monitor aside for awhile.

Then your book on LCD repair came out. I decided to buy it and try repairing the Dell monitor again. What a great book on LCD monitors! I determined it had to be a power supply problem. The difficulty was the fault occurred at random. The only additional clue I got was one time when I caught the monitor in a faulted state. I tried tapping the case and the problem went away! I knew at that point it was likely a mechanical connection problem. So I decided to spend an hour resoldering all the PC board connections on the SMPS/Inverter board. Success! It has been several weeks with no sign of the problem.

Thanks for your wonderful articles, books and blogs!



Positive words bring rejuvenation to your body and mind and it also encourage and motivates you to continue with our good work. Speak positive to your friends, working colleagues and etc. Remember, you will reap what you have sowed! Have a great and a fantastic day!


I recently purchase your LCD screen repairs book and i must say that it’s excellent. Thanks for the insites.


L. M


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