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Nikkei Electronic Asia Magazine

By on August 9, 2007

nikkei electronic asia 

I just received the august edition of the nikkei electronic asia magazine. Some of the cover story are:

Lexus first to use White LED headlight, made by koito.

Cooling off Hybrid vehicle IC’s, Monitors

LCD Monitor demand strong in first quarter 2007 (briefs market news)

HDTV market to cross 50 million units by 2008 (briefs market news)

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learn monitor repair

Today i acted as a personal tutor to my former student (computer dealer) from Melaka to repair monitors brought from him. He wants me to guide him personally and don’t mind paying me in order for me to stand by his side and troubleshoot the Monitors together. He just want to sit by my side and see how i troubleshoot his Monitors. He wrote down all the repair methods when the monitor problems were solved. He infact already completed the Advanced Monitor repair course but because he lack of time in doing repair work and practical¬†(he have other businesses too), he has lost some confident. In order to gain back the confident in the repair work, he booked my time and i’m more than ready to help him.

Together we had solved the no power problem, flyback tic-tic sound, shutdown at high resolution 1024 by 768, shorted ceramic cap that caused mising blue color, dry joints, missing horizontal signal causing the power led to turned orange, internal capacitor shorted in flyback and etc. He was overjoyed and bought a capacanalyzer 88a esr meter from me too. By the way i just shipped out another capaanalyzer 88a esr meter to a buyer from Bangkok Thailand. He called me and told me that they are in the industrial electronic repair and saw my website selling the ESR meter. For your information, is the main distributor for EDS Capaanalyzer 88A ESR Meter in the south east asia and the middle east. If you are interested in this ESR meter, you can drop me an email. I will be sending out the weekly electronic repair newsletter as promised in this coming weekend to all of my faithful subscribers. Thanks


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