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By on November 14, 2007

 monitor repair training

Today i conducted a one day Monitor training class for my ex student from melaka. If you have read my previous post you would know that he is a computer dealer that sell lots of computers and provide support to end users in his hometown (he once got a top three award for the most computers sold in melaka). Most of his time have been taken up by attending customers and doing some side businesses. But deep in his heart he still long for electronic repair! Although he had attented my Monitor repairing course he actually do not have the time to do “hands on pratice”. What he did was to accumulate Monitors from his customers and brought over to my place.

He wanted to see how i tackle the Monitors (to see at where i should start to locate the problem and some short cut to save troubleshooting times) problems and quickly wrote down the tips when a Monitor is repaired. He also wants me to stand by his side to see if he did anything wrong or not so that i could pinpoint his mistake. We had lunch together and shared some family stories and etc.

By the way, after i sent out the Plasma TV repair website built by my repair friend Kent Liew to my members, he told me that lots of my subscribers already joined as a member. If you think that this is the right time to learn something new or even want to make yourself better in repairing Plasma TV then i highly recommend you to check out his website by clicking here. 

Sorry if i’m late to reply emails to you today as my time was fully spent on the class for my ex student.


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  1. Yogeswaran

    November 16, 2007 at 8:38 am

    Hi Mr Jestine

    Gd day to you !

    Im actually very interested in repairing the Electronic Parts but I have no idea where should I take the training courses for repairing electronic parts .Basically im from Johor do have any recomendation where should take this course and what is basic requirement .

    Waiting for your advise .Please advise thru my e-mail address given as per above .


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