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Passion For Electronics Since Young Or……….

By on September 11, 2008

I got lot of feedbacks from my ERG members and buyers telling me that they love electronics since at the young age. Somehow for certain reasons many of them do not have the chance to pursue their dream and ended up became an accountant, teacher, automobile mechanic, computer salesman and etc. Actually deep in their heart they love electronics and they wanted to become a successful electronic repairer. To some of them their passion for electronics out weights their current job. Well how do i know that? Its from their email they written to me and i can’t publish out for public viewing.

I have buyers of my ebooks who emailed me saying that they were retiree and wanted to try out electronics and they have zero knowledge about electronics. They have the time and nothing to loose to try out something new in their life. Perhaps with this new found hobby will keep them busy building electronic project kits, repair and troubleshooting electronic equipment for many years to come. Its not bad to do something that you like and at the same time earn some income from the repair job. My conclusion for this post is that some like electronics at the very young age (myself) while some start in later years. The most important things is to keep the fire burning for the passion of electronics no matter what age you are!


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