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PC Vibration Solved

By on March 9, 2014







Early in the morning a co-worker came to me because her PC was having too much

vibration and she could not work with this situation. Her PC was an ASUS P5LD2-VM/S.

pc repair

I thought of the fan first, when I got to her PC the lateral cover of the chassis was taken off, and when I had a look inside with my naked eye look at the photos and see what was found.

pc repairs

One of the seven blades of the rear fan was absent so it had to be replaced or removed definitively if no other one was available.


In this case it could be replaced; it worked as a heat extractor in the rear of the chassis.

pc repairing

When the PC was switched on, what a relief! No more vibration. Mission accomplished.



Note: it was really a simple job, but let’s has into consideration that this enormousvibration could have damaged the Hard Disk Drive, and then it would have been worst if all the information was lost. What a misfortune for her.










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