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Plasma TV Repair

By on August 15, 2007

 plasma tv repair

I received many emails asking whether i repair plasma TV or not. My answer to them were “no i don’t repair plasma TV and TV LCD” may be at this moment. In fact i wish that i have the chance to repair plasma TV but because of my company only deals with computer dealers, i don’t get the opportunity to touch one. What i received from the computer dealers were the CRT and LCD Monitors and printers (dot matrix and laser printers).  Since my company primary focus was on the computer dealers, we don’t have any contacts with the TV distributors or resellers.

The reason i wrote this email is to not to be discourage if i can’t provide any answer to your plasma TV questions. Plasma TV just like any other electronic equipments need electronics circuit to run. It needs power supply circuit to power up the whole circuit. Study and download plasma tv schematics and truly make yourself understand how it works and frequently visit TV repair forum. With these information on hand and troubleshooting methods from my website , i’m sure it would not take long for you to become a pro in Plasma Televison  or LCD TV repair. All the best to you!


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