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Please Don’t Ignore Certain Signs Or Symptoms In Electronic Repair

By on June 11, 2008

What does the above title mean? It means that as an electronic repairer we should know what we are doing and if we noticed some  problems in the electronic equipment, we should solve it instead of ignoring it. Lets take this for example-assuming you have repaired a CRT Monitor with only a blown Horizontal output transistor (HOT). After the Monitor was “On” you found that the HOT run extremely hot and you just ignore it and pretending it to be okay. Actually this is the sign that there must be some other faults that had caused the HOT to run extremely hot. It could be a wrong base drive, wrong substitution of HOT part number, e-cap have high esr value at the supply voltage to the horizontal driver transformer and etc.

electronic repair

That means if you didn’t solve the problem and just return the set back to the customer crossing your fingers that it would work just fine then you are only waiting for a repeated repair. Many times there must be a reason why the HOT failed in the first place. Yes, it could be the HOT lifespan itself or possibly could be other factors that caused the HOT to go shorted.

If the same customer encountered many repeated repair by you or your company, i guess it is not surprise the customer will look for a company that have more reliable repair than you. At the end you will lose out and it may also affect the overall profit of your company!

No matter what signs or symptoms that you see, don’t ignore it and begin to think of a way to repair it. If you can’t diagnose the problem, gently expain to the customer and telling them that you need more time to repair the set. Most of the customers will usually agree with you and some of them may just want to take back their set because they can’t wait anymore. In that case we can’t do much thing other than to improve ourselves by asking why the set can’t be repair and think of a way to find the solution so that in the future we would not have the same problem again especially with the same customer.

Seek help from electronic repair forums, ask question from expert that operate a particular electronic equipment repair website, get the schematic and analyze again (i mean in depth) and etc.



  1. roy

    June 11, 2008 at 4:38 pm roy,
    a have problem in my hp monitor 7540. have blinking green light no display. please help. thank you..

  2. admin

    June 13, 2008 at 9:22 am

    It could be bad filter cap at the secondary side. Do not overlook too if there is a transistor shorted at the high voltage transformer. Please let me know how is your progress-thx!



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