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By on July 12, 2008

popular electronics

I used to buy this monthly electronic magazine as this magazine covers lots of electronics subject from designing to repairing. There were also many professionals contributed their good articles in the magazine. However, since January 2003 the company had stopped the publication. Let’s take a look at this Electronic Magazine history:

“Popular Electronics was started by Ziff-Davis in October 1954 as a magazine for students and experimenters. It became the “World’s Largest-Selling Electronics Magazine” and proudly listed the circulation figure on the Contents page, (240,151 in April 1957 .) In later years this data was in the back of each years January issue. In 1965 Popular Electronics had a monthly paid circulation of 410,000. In Janurary1972 Electronics World was merged into Popular Electronics. The 1980s saw the electronics hobbyist market change from building projects from transistors and integrated circuits into one of plugging in computer boards. In November 1982 the magazine became Computers & Electronics and that title stopped publication in April 1985. Many of the editors and authors moved to a new magazine, Modern Electronics.

The title Popular Electronics was sold to Gernsback Publications and their Hands-on Electronics magazine was renamed to Popular Electronics in February 1989. This version was published until it was merged with Electronics Now to become Poptronics in January 2000. In late 2002 Gernsback Publications went out of business and the January 2003 Poptronics was the last issue.”

I was sad at that time after discovered that the magazine was no longer in the market.


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