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Posting Support Questions In My Blog

By on May 5, 2008


I do received lots of technical questions either from my ERG members, buyers or even from new visitors. I have decided to post only selected questions and answers to this blog. If you have the answer for the question you may post it too to the blog-i would be glad! Here is the first one:

Hi! love your link & it is very interesting. I am a electronic buff & love to tinker with electronics. I have a Dell E173FPc 17″ flat panel monitor which I purchased new back in 2005 . Has worked great up to now. When I power it on (connected to my pc) the power lite will flash on & off & the screen will flicker on for a split second & then the screen goes dark & the power lite will start flashing off & on continously at a steady rate. Then when I unplug the the unit from the pc & plugged it back in, it still does the same thing. This told me that the drivers were ok. I inspected the circuitry very carefully for any burned marks & found none. Had some dark spots on the back of the metal plate that supports the screen to the plastic panel. Must have been hot marks from the intense heat. Was wondering if you had come across any similar problems like this. I was thinking of purchasing one of your repair books soon hoping it might help me some. Thanks David!

Hi David,
In your case, you have to isolate where the problem is. It could be in the power section or the inverter section. Try remove the pico fuse at the secondary side. If the power stop blinking then suspect a faulty inverter board/section. If it still blinking then check the power section. In some cases, after the removal of the pico fuse you have to connect an automobile light bulb as a load cos in some power supply it won’t power up if there is no load at the output! Check also all the e-caps for any high esr value. Jestine! 

By the way, the photo above was not me!


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