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Precaution When Buying Things Online

By on October 11, 2008


Once in a while i used to get emails such as:

“How do i know whether i will get the product after i have made the payment”? and

“I have been conned/scammed before from the internet and i hope that you will keep your promise in delivering your product”

Both emails written by different senders who have fear that they might be dealing with a scammer. Due to this they just sent me the email to see how i response.

To some, after brief explanation about myself, my websites (including showing my blog http:/ and then only they have the confidence purchasing it online. While others even though i have given them all sort of proof that i’m genuine in dealing with the business, they still do not believe. Well, in this type of case i will just let them decide and will not force them to make any decision to purchase.

I don’t blame them for this because i believe as mentioned they might have been scammed before buying things online thus they are just taking an extra precaution. In some cases even though they have the credit card but they prefer to send payment through western union or money gram services because they don’t want their details to be known to others for security reason. Either way, once i got the payment i will send my products to them via email for ebooks and using FEDEX if it is a physical product like the Blue ESR and Blue Ring Tester (international buyer).

If you have been scammed before i hope you could share some of your horror story about buying things online so that other readers of this blog could learn from it-Thanks!


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