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Problem With My New DELL 19″ LCD Monitor

By on October 13, 2007

 dell lcd monitor problem

Yesterday, the moment i posted the last post in this blog this new Dell 19″ LCD Monitor suddenly turned into white screen. I knew from my heart this is surely the LCD monitor fault as Cpu failure won’t turn LCD monitor into white screen. I could not do anything as this Monitor is still under warranty. I bought it together with the CPU only two months ago!

I really didn’t thought of a good brand of Computer just kaput like that. As long as anything that use electronic components, chances it can have a failure. That’s why all manufacturers give you a warranty period. In order to solve the problem i had with me a 15″ ACER LCD Monitor (this monitor actually belong to my son). When i connected to the CPU an error signal appeared “OUT of Range” because this 15″ LCD monitor can’t support my Windows Vista setting which is quite high.

acer lcd monitor problem

What i do was to connect my CPU to my LCD TV and from there i could set the resolution lower. Once done i connect back the 15″ LCD Monitor to the CPU and it work perfectly fine! I called up DELL support center and was told by an answering machine to call back on Monday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. I heard from my friend saying that DELL will do a one to one replacement. Hopefully this bacth of DELL LCD monitor model do not have problem otherwise i will be calling them again in few more month to replace the Monitor.

I’m saying this because i worked in a Company that sells Monitor before and whenever a Monitor design have a problem usually the whole bacth will have the same faith. That’s why we as technician have to report whatever problem we found on the new Monitor and feeback the report to Taiwan. Now when the new batch of Monitor arrives the mainboard will be labelled as version 2 and those components that always failed have been replaced with a bigger specification. That’s how they improve their quality on the Monitors.

Okay now i got to wait until next week to get a new replacement.


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