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Pros and Cons Of Being An Authorized Service Center

By on January 31, 2010

authorized service center

Recently got an email from ERG member about the pros and cons of being an authorized service center and this is what he wrote to me:

I would like to ask you what’s the pros & cons of being an authorized service center.

and what brand would be the best.


thank you!




And here is my answer to him:


HI Nam,

It could be any brand and not easy to become an authorized service center. You need lots of staff, test equipments, good work place plus security, good location, commitment to work even during holidays and etc. The benefit are, you will be getting lots of first hand information from the company about a particular products in term of schematic and related info and you will not lack of anything to repair thus you are guaranteed to have continuous repair work. My company was a former authorized service center for ALR computers but they already closed down.


Certain repair companies are authorized service center for many major brands in the market. If you are or had been to any company authorized service center before, i would like to hear your story-thanks!


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