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Quality of Consumer Electronic Equipment

By on July 22, 2008

I have been asked many times by my friends, customers and students about which Monitor brand is the best in the market. The answer i told them was many of  the brand already lost its quality. Why? Because i found that the components used are non branded especially the electrolytic capacitors and sometimes some of the circuit board were too thin and very fragile too (prone to crack etc) and the circuit track easily came off  when doing the desoldering work. Some CRT tubes turned bad not even  one and a half year in service.


We all knew that e-caps is one of the highest failure rate in circuit board (due to heat and some other reasons) but surprisingly the circuit board nowadays are using cheap low quality e-caps. During my time, many of the e-caps used were branded and they could last for many years!

There are also some facts that we need to know. Due to the many cheap electronic components used and bad designs, we tends to get more electronic equipment for repair. Imagine if all Monitors/TVs (CRT or LCDs) could last for twenty years in service before it breakdown, i guess we may not be in this field as we do not get enough equipment for repair. If the electronic equipment design is too robust and very reliable, in the long run many manufacturers may suffer losses from lack of sales because there would be very less demand for their products. In other words there is less repeated sales.


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