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Quitting Electronic Repair?

By on June 24, 2008

I just received an email from a subscriber saying that he may want to quit electronic repair work due to that it took him too much time to find out a fault in an electronic equipment. By the way he is a beginner in this field. I emailed him back and explained to him not to give up as once he gave up then no one could help him anymore. I told him to visit electronic repair forum and get electronic repair book to upgrade his knowledge.
Sometimes one must understand what this sentence really mean “Seeing failure as a successful teacher“. Before one can become an expert he or she have to go through all the up and down so that you could feel the pain and learn from there. I’ve been electrocuted before but i didn’t give up and in fact this made me more cautious especially dealing with electricity! There is no easy life or easy way out to achieve your goal. You must sacrifice your time and sometimes your financial too to make your dream come true. What i mean in the financial are buying test equipments, books and magazines, tools or even attending seminars on how to increase your company sales and etc. Hard work and your perseverance will yields you result! Don’t give up and continue to learn and do the things you like. Once you have fall, get up and walk again. Remember, the KEY to success is you yourself-only you can make the different!



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