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Reserve Some Of Your Time To Read

By on May 30, 2008


I knew that you spent most of your time in doing the electronic repair work. You may work from morning till night and start over again the next day-am i right? I’ve been in your situation before and i knew also that some of us have the mindset of getting everything done before going home. It’s okay to have that commitment but i also want to emphasize¬† reading is also as important as when you want to get your job done! Why? Because if you do your repair work for all day long and do not have time for other input (such as reading electronic books and magazine, visit forum and etc to get more repair ideas), I’m afraid your electronic repair knowledge would be stagnant.

If possible reserve some of your time for reading who knows you may have get an idea to solve the complicated problem that you were facing in repairing the electronic equipment. Practice from what you have read and I’m very sure you will get things done faster than you’ve ever imagined! Keep on reading!


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