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Salvaging Electronic Parts From Used Boards

By on March 31, 2008

It is adviceable to keep some spare electronic boards in your workshop so that whenever you need hard to find electronic components from it you can just solder it out and replace them on the equipment you are repairing. Not only hard to find components (like coils, smps, flyback transformer, some high voltage capacitors and etc) that you can salvage you could also remove those working capacitors, transistors and resistors too. These parts are sometimes even more reliable than a new component that you bought from electronic supppliers but it depends on what type of electronic boards you salvaged from.

If you took the components out from a good quality electronic boards chances are very high all the electronic components are in good quality too. For your information, electronic components comes in different grade and of course those components used in the aerospace, military and automobiles industries are from the best grade!


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