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Same IC Part Number But Not Working

By on April 17, 2010

mcu ic

Do you know that although IC that have the same part number, it can’t be used? The type of IC’s that I’m referring to are the Program ICs such as the EEprom and the MCU. For other types of IC’s like the linear and the TTL ICs if the part number is the same then it can be used. The ICs that have programs in it can only be substituted with the IC that have the same program in it. If you buy a blank IC even though the part number is the same, the equipment still will not run. It must have programs in it and the program have to be exactly the same. Nowadays lots of Mainboard in electronic equipment are using this kind of program ICs and if the IC have problem, it will create lots of weird problems such as intermittent no signal which is quite hard to detect if the IC have many pins.

If you are not sure what type of IC that you are checking, just go into the internet and check out the IC spec.


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