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Scrap Computer Trading (SCT)

By on March 13, 2009

Yesterday i went to see Mr Abdul Hadi the owner of Scrap Computer Trading (SCT) in Shah Alam. He was the participant that came for the Basic Electronic Repair course last week. The reason i went there was to deliver the Blue ESR meter and the Blue Ring Tester that he had ordered last week and at the same time have the opportunity to see how Mr Abdul Hadi run his computer recycle company. Me and my partner was given sort of like a small tour in his company by his assistant and the assistant showed us around in the big warehouse.

This kind of experience are not common as not every one have the chance to see or allow to enter a recycle company. The first thing that i saw the moment I’m inside the warehouse was a huge pile of coils. Those coils were scrap out from PC tube yoke coils and could see the workers had smacked open all the yoke coils plastic. Next we were brought to see how they grade the computer. There are A grade and B grade categories. A grade are those that in perfect condition and the B grade have some minor scratches and so on. There are also a rack that full of Monitor for testing and pile and pile of huge computer motherboard that was taken out from its casing and stored in in many big huge boxes!

If you been to Ikea you would know how they kept their furniture and Abdul Hadi’s warehouse was just about like that but of course is not big as Ikea. Forklift was used to stack all those computers into designated racks and he has about 60 workers under him.

Then we were directed to third floor where all the CPU were stored. I could see lots of technicians repairing and testing the computer motherboard and there was one section specially cater for repairing notebook. After the tour in his warehouse we went to his office and have some chat that relates to electronics and computers. He is such a humble and nice guy and willing to share out his experiences and as though that we had knew each other for many years. Overall we have spent almost one and a half hour in his company and the experience that we had gained from this meeting was very fruitful. You may visit his website by clicking HERE Here are the photos and video taken:



 Scrap Computer Trading (SCT)

 Scrap Computer Trading

notebook repair

 Scrap Computer Trading




  1. John

    March 13, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    I can't watch the video. The message I'm getting is that "This video is no longer available"

    Please suggest anything that can help me to view this video and all the other videos that have been posted on this blog.


  2. admin

    March 13, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    Hi John,

    I could view the video from my side. Could you view the videos? If not i guess it could be the computer have problem.



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