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Secrets Of Electronic Repairing

By on September 17, 2007

I received lots of email asking how one can be an expert in electronic troubleshooting. My answer to them were everytime the same. I told them in order to be successful one must have passion in electronics. Having only passions are not enough, you must have the mindset of “not giving up” and “investment”. Investment in terms of books, schematic diagrams, courses, time (visiting forum and search the internet) and also be friendly to other fellow electronic repairers. Isolating from the outside world by not communicating with people in the repair line only makes your knowledge stagnant!

Sometimes i absorbed lots of repair tips just by talking to those technicians or repair engineers. Many times they are more than happy to share their repair experienced to me and at the same time i do also share mine to them. By exchanging latest repair information, it only add more knowledge unto you. You have nothing to lose and much to gained. If you haven’t make any repair friends before why not start today? Give them a courtesy call and i’m sure in the short time you will have lots of repair friends that are willing to help you whenever you face problem in electronic troubleshooting.


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