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Shelf Life Of Resistors

By on June 25, 2007

You can keep resistors in the compartment without worrying that one day it may go defective. They may may go rusted (leads)  after many years stored in the tool box but not the value. If there is no current flowing to the resistor, it will not produce heat by itself thus it has practically no change with age. As for the batteries and electrolytic capacitors, they have to be used fresh from the manufacturers because of the chemicals in them.  One more thing, just before you install a resistor onto a circuit board, it is a good practice to check the value first. I’ve seen a 330K OHM (orange, orange, yellow, gold) resistor marked as 33 k (orange, orange, orange, gold). At least i use my meter to confirm first before the installation otherwise i may end up can’t repair the equipment. The manufacturer might printed it wrongly.


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