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Should I Charge A Monthly Fees?

By on November 5, 2008


I always provide support for those who sent me an email about electronic repair problems and I’m happy to help them out. I got this email from a fellow electronic repairer where i always supported him and this is what he said:

You should charge a monthly fee for the help you give to people. It’s a huge benefit to have questions answered by an expert when you get in a jam, otherwise you would be stuck and wouldn’t get anything fixed. I would gladly pay a reasonable monthly fee for the help you give, not too much though! J. Feel guilty when I keep asking questions… J Just a suggestion….


And this was my answer to him:

Hi D,

Dont’ worry its okay. You may continue to post questions to me and I’m glad to answer you back. Have a great day!


So if you have any electronic repair questions you may email me at jestineyong(at) and ITS FREE!


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  1. Chris

    August 28, 2015 at 3:45 am

    Each cast your patience and help you offer and all that for free.
    My best regards.


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