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SMD Tweezer Meter

By on November 20, 2010

smd tester

The first SMD tweezer meter i came across was the one designed by Advancedevices dot com. Now there are lots of different brand of SMD tweezer in the market and the photo above is by Extech. The price range is much cheaper than Advancedevices but the Extexch one does not have much info about it especially the spec. You may click on the photo to visit the website for more details.



  1. Michael Thomson

    November 24, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    I tried emailing you twice today(11-23) and each time I got permanent failure message.
    First I would like to thank you. I purchased your book Lcd Monitor Repair which helped me fix my Acer 2416 monitor.I have a problem with a digital picture frame where the ccfls only light half of all four bulbs. It is a Vuescape 15" Digital photo Frame. I contacted Four Star Group by phone and they would not help me at all. I spent a week on the internet trying to find the datasheet of the inverter ic ( 16 pin sp5005 ) and the schematics for the inverter board (4L-DC/AC V102 070829).
    I'm getting a dc voltage at the primary of the transformers instead of ac and I can't get a reading at the secondary. When I touch one probe of the digital vom to the transformer the bulbs glow brighter. I also tried to look for the service manual to no avail. This unit broke down only a week after the warrenty ended. It's been very frustrating after all the time I time I spent on this project.
    Thanks, Mike Thomson

  2. admin

    November 25, 2010 at 9:32 am

    HI Michael,

    Thanks for the support on my ebook. You can email me on my yahoo account jestineycs(at) In your case you mean the display don't really get bright? If there is a display (although is not fully bright) then this prove that the backlights are working. In other words the secondary side of the high voltage transformer should have ac voltage.

    It could be the brightness signal from the mainboard that not fully controlling the brightness. It could be the MCU programs fault too since when you said you put the test probe and the display get brighter. Usually new equipment have difficulty in getting parts and schematic diagram. By the way i will be on holiday tomorrow and if yo send me an email, i could only reply it on Monday.



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