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Sold Two Units Blue ESR Meter

By on March 1, 2008

blue esr meter

Even before i launch the Blue ESR meter website. I have sold two units to local buyers. One buyer was from Penang while the other one was from Bukit Beruntung (Mr Jeff). The buyer from Penang have a company that deal with TV repair. He previously owned a CapWizard but spoilt after accidentally the meter touched on the capacitor high voltage. He had surveyed the market and found that my company sell the blue esr meter through John Bachman’s website which is Anatek Corp dot com. He told me he wants to buy one because it is cheap compares to others ESR meter in the market.

The second buyer Mr Jeff was actually my subscriber and he contacted me last year around May asked about the repair courses. Few days ago , he dropped by my company and i have the chance to meet him. He is a humble guy and keen on electronics and he had just started a company repairing battery charger and some other electronic stuff. I showed him the Blue ESR meter and performed some testing to him. He was amazed by what the meter can do and immediately bought one kitset from me.

Bob parker the designer of Blue ESR meter emailed me saying that ”

“They function the same as the Dick Smith Electronics meters, but the construction is
completely different.
I’m hoping that in this version of the meter, the microcontroller chip won’t be damaged by connection to charged high voltage capacitors. I paid a lot of attention to that.

For this Blue ESR Meter, the battery can last longer too! If you wish to buy the Blue ESR meter, you can visit the webpage by clicking here.


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