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By on May 13, 2008

hi Jestine

thanks a lot,

Thank you so much for taking so much of your times to provide us the necessary info about repairing the computer monitors. Wish you “forever” healthy & good luck to you whatever you do!

take care


I looked at your report, and then purchased your e-book. Although these days I mainly work in the field of software development, I have been a technician for over 25 years. I still like to do some repair work, and I see in Australia, a lot of the LCD monitors sold in the last few years now starting to fail. I already have three units on the bench to look at, so in a day or two I expect to get to them and see how I go.

I appreciate your email help for the first six months, but I will only contact you if I am really stuck, my first place to go to, is your book of course. “From what I have read so far, it is very well presented.”



Hi Jestine,

First of all I would like to thank your immediate response regarding to my problem. Tomorrow I will check the parts and circuit area based from your very good info. For your info I already told my friends, colleagues and co-workers regarding to your very informative website. Hoping that they will also get an interest to your website.

Thank you very much!

GOD Bless and Best regards,


My Sanyo television has a problem with primary power supply.There is no led indication  when switch on.So i’ve found your website in internet and buy your e-book few days ago.Just refer and follow this e-book info i can find the fault for my Sanyo television and you know its only took me 3 minutes to find the fault.(open resistor at primary power supply).I’m so happy.Thanks for producing this e-book.



Hi Jestine thanks for your subwoofer repair tip,i like to read this kind of stuff!




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