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Some Inspiration To Ponder On

By on December 19, 2008

I got this newsletter from a guy who is dealing with internet business and he mentioned about the inspiration secret. Here is the full sentence of part of the newsletter:

Never love something that can’t love you
back. They are just things. You may have
short-term feelings towards it. For that
new home, car or gadget. But it cannot,
and will not, ever love you back.

Look at material things as replaceable things.
Any experience you desire with a thing can
be rented or leased. You don’t need to buy it
to experience it.

What truly matters are the long term
relationships with other people. The love
you share. The happiness and joy that you
bring into the lives of others. The memories,
experiences and stories that you tell yourself
and others. That is the sum of who you are.

Hope you like it too!


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