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Splendour Among The Clouds!

By on October 28, 2007

Well it was a wonderful trip to me and my family. We were staying in Hotel Awana Genting-22nd floor(midway before it reach Genting Highland). We could drive up there but decided to take the skyway (cable car) from Awana to Genting. Actually it was for the kids to enjoy taking the ride! The journey took about 20 minutes  and we could see lots of “good sceneries” up there (in the cable car). Genting skyway was built in 1997 and it is a cable car system that provides a 3.38km transport to the hilltop. Genting skyway is also recognised as the “World’s Fastest Mono Cable Car System” with a maximum speed of 21.6kph and the “Longest Cable car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia”. It was so cold on that day the moment we reached the hilltop.

We then went to the Genting theme park to let the kids enjoy playing game, eat and etc. Later we rush back to the hotel (again with Genting skyway) to have our buffet dinner. One thing that you didn’t know about me was i love and enjoy buffet dinner. I will take my own sweet time to test most of the hotel food and at the same time fellowship with my wife and kids. They also enjoyed too!

Okay as promised here are the photos taken during the trip!

genting awana

genting highland

genting awana hotel

genting hotel

genting high land

Click here and here to view the videos taken when we were on the way to and back from Genting Highland using the Skyway!


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