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Start Electronic Repair Equipment One At A Time

By on June 10, 2008

 don’t know where to start

I used to get emails from fellow members asked about how one can become good in electronic repairs. Their question were quite similar such as “I want to know how to repair TV, Monitor, DVD, Mobile Phone, Power Supply, Motherboard and etc. My replied to them was always start at one or two equipment first and once you have grasp hold on that equipment, he or she can then go further to explore on other electronic equipment. The reason for it is simple-to avoid the confuse part where one try to absorb all information at one time. There was a saying “Jack of all trades but master of none“!

The first step to electronic repair success is actually quite easy-Passion! Without passion i can guarantee you will not go any further. For those who have passion for electronics, you could see them good in many areas that is related to electronics. Passion actually drive them to go the extra miles and non stop learning in the field of electronics.

The second rule is one must have at least some knowledge in the electronics theory. Next would be how to test electronic components and understanding the electronic equipment circuit that you want to repair. Go full swing on that particular equipment and analyze the circuit diagram and compare between the diagrams. Last, don’t give up! If you give up then no one would be able to help you out.  All the best to you.

Oh by the way, i have just sold out all of my blue esr meter and the new shipment is on the way. I sold the last three units within two days! One to a Singapore buyer and the other two to a local test equipment distibutor. Thanks to those who had supported me and to my readers of this blog too. Have a beautiful and wonderful day!


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