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Storing Electronic Repair Parts?

By on September 3, 2007

Well it depends on the volume of repair whether it is worth to store some electronic repair parts in the electronic compartment. As for me i stored almost full range of resistors , capacitors, zener diodes but not for all IC’s and transistors. However i kept some fast moving parts like the Horizontal output transistors, video pre amp IC’s and power IC’s. For diodes, i only have few common part numbers that use for substitution. The part numbers are UF5404, UF5408, BA159, 1N4007, BY359-1500x and 1N5408.

If you have been in the electronic repair line for a long time you would surely know as which types of components you should keep (store).  Otherwise it is not economical to everytime to travel to your electronics suppliers just to buy a component. Reflect back as what are the common parts that everytime spoilt and from there you can judge as which components you should keep for extra.


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