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Substitution Part Number For HOT

By on September 21, 2007

There were many times that i could not locate the original part number for the CRT Monitor horizontal output transistor (HOT). Some funny part number you can’t even find it from the internet. Calling many electronic suppliers to search for the original part number sometimes really made your time lost. Even if the electronic suppliers do have the part number that i’m looking for, it is not economical purposely drive to the centre of town just to get one part. The cost of petrol, toll, parking and etc can really add up the cost and end up you might make very less profit margin. The first thing i do when i come across this kind of problem was to use a substitute part number. my favorite part number was the C5411 and many times i found it to be compatible with 15 and 17″ Monitor. However, you must put the Monitor in soak test for many hours and run on different frequencies just to make sure the HOT would not burn or shorted again.

I always recommend to use the original part number but somehow some customers really can’t wait for the part to arrive. I only get my staff to go to my electronic suppliers in the centre of town (about 45 minutes drive) every 2 to 3 weeks once. To my surprised, some Monitor fitted in with the substitution part number can even work better than the original one. If you are in the Monitor repair why not keep some spare of C5411 and who knows you might need one of them someday.


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