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Test Equipnment Required In A Monitor Repairing Business

By on May 16, 2008

Hi Jestine,

To get into the business of monitor repair, what other physical equipment (tools) do I need, i.e., in addition to your book?

Hi ,
I’m assuming you are fixing the CRT and the LCD Monitor. You must get an analogue meter, a digital meter, a digital capacitance meter, high voltage probe, flyback tester, ESR meter, oscilloscope, a rework station, inductance meter and if you have the budget you can get a CRT restorer too. Some of the equipment you can buy as a used set from ebay dot com. Hope this helps!

Another question by other member:

I noticed in computer monitors, what is the use of that wire that is inside the monitor. it is not a ground wire but a wire that is lose inside the monitor and at the tip of the wire there is a piece of plastic on it. any ideas.

That wire is to channel the internal static charge to ground!


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