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Testimonial By Mr Rajan

By on June 4, 2010

I got an email from my former student Mr Rajan and he is from Fiji. He came to attend the repair courses from 6th of April till 30th of April and this is what he wrote:

Hi Jestine,

I feel and see things differently after going through your programs and having spent so much time with you and your staff William and Raju. The repair courses were excellent and as a trainer myself I envy the way you deliver your programs. I have always tried to include excellence in my training programs and I have seen you achieve this so easily.


I think the step by step approach was very beneficial to me and will definitely be fruitful to all those who attend your programs. The information you shared was tremendous and I am suggesting you as a training solution to a lot of my friends here in Fiji. Hope you would see someone else from Fiji soon. The explanation of equipments through the use of block diagrams and simplified added to the excellent delivery and then practical activities were just overwhelming.

Your class sizes lets you thoroughly guide each of your participants leaving no reason to complain.


 Your workshop and training room is ideally located and set up. One feels in the right atmosphere to learn and even work. The attachment(free) you provided was a very good learning experience and I will surely want to work in an environment like that. The attachment was ideal as straight after the training I was given an opportunity to work on actual faults that is experienced by any technician. This also includes the practical I carried out on printers.


The hospitality I experienced is unparalleled. I would like to thank each one of you there for taking so good care of me and helping me to achieve my goals.

Finally to all those reading this. If you are deciding to take a training program with Jestine/William do not hesitate as he is the best in his field. You will not regret having made that decision. If you need any information about how his programs are run or how to get there or have any doubts you can always contact me.

All the best to Jestine and his team

Kind regards

Praveen Rajan

Training Officer – Consumer Electronics

(+679 3392000 ext. 283; M +679 9936466)


Actually i did not expect him to write to me this testimonial. However I’m glad that during the 3 weeks training in my country he  managed to learn all the repair tips and secrets from the courses. If you read this post Rajan-all the best to you and family.


 rajan praveen


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