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Testimonial From ERG Member

By on September 26, 2008

After i posted about the list of 10,000 ERG members in my blog i got this testimonial from Mr Buraing. Here is the message that i got from him:

Hi Jestine,

Congratulations on this milestone (10000+). Anyway, I have been a frequent visitor to your website and I must tell you that I have learned so much in as far as learning the basics of component testing. I also appreciate your monthly newsletter not only for technical articles but more important is the fact that every now and then you keep us motivated in this field with your words of wisdom.

Your website has been a blessing since it has given me the will to further develop my knowledge in electronics and to enable me to make a decision on my future career.
I am about to open up a small repair shop most likely early next month and hope that I will be able to purchase your ebooks when I am financially able to.

My country (Kiribati) is so remote with international flights from Fiji coming in twice a week. I envy your country where you can drive into the city shopping for electronic goods and spare parts as such a facility in my country does not exist. The major problem I am facing is the availability of spare parts to replace a defective part as soon as possible. In addition, credit facilities such as credit cards for purchasing goods online is not available in my country which make life harder. I hope to come up with a solution soon.
Very much appreciate your support and God bless you.



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