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Testimonial From William Soo-Singapore

By on October 24, 2007

Do you still remember the testimonial given by a buyer from singapore few days ago in my blog post? He wrote to me again this morning and i would like to share to you:

Dear Jestine,


I’m so lucky to found this wonderful website. My 19″ Philips LCD monitor who has no power supply was back to its life after 4 days, where including I uses 2 days to read up your fabulous eBook. It was only a FET (part no. SSS7N60B) that was found faulty at the primary power section. I replaced it and its working fine now.

Beside this, I have pick-up some electronic repairing skill through your eBook and guidance.

Your eBooks were excellent because you:-

1. Uses simple English that easy to understand.

2. Short and concise explanation on each point.

3. Bonus reports had also given me many troubleshooting tips that help in repairing.

More importantly, you are very helpful and patient in guiding me throughout this repairing process via emailing. I look forward to your next new release of eBooks. I’m sure I will learn more from it.

I had not only save a big sum in repairing cost but also enable myself to pick up electronics repairing skill. It is priceless in gaining knowledge/skills”. 

Thank You.


Best regards

William Soo


I hope the information in the Ebook will help him to become expert in electronic repair soon. By the way if you still haven’t get my book yet, you may do so by visiting this website


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