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Testimony From A Buyer

By on February 27, 2009

Here is a testimony that i got from a buyer of Testing Electronic Components Ebook:

Hi Jestine,

I  wanted to write this testimony sometime ago but due to my heavy schedule I just got no time to spare, so today got some free time I write in to tell you about your E-Book.Well I started in Electronics in the sixties, Attended Radio & TV repairing Class in Penang under an instructor from Reddifusion ( an Engineer ) those days TV are all in B &W and transistors of those days. Started own repairing along with 2 employees and part-time TV technician. At that time I was taking care of my father’s Factory and got no spare time in the Electronic field.

After a few months I let my Part time Technician take over the Electronic business, so after so many years my knowledge in Electronics is gone. Coming  back to the present My son who is in Form 3 told me he likes to study IT, so I taught him from what I know so we started the repairing Computer services. So one day someone brought in a monitor for repair so we took it to one of the repair shop, after that we thought why not repair our own and get more profits. So I recall my friends in repairing business to help out my son. So after we try the web for more knowledge until then we found your Website. To make the story short we bought your E-Book and we found out that there are more to learn. So after exchanging e-mail with and your knowledge impart to us well we have fix quite a number of CRT Monitors and recently your guiding us in repairing the LCD . Wow Jestine you are a man of your words U really help us after purchasing yr E-Book and helping us in E-mail in solving problems.

I like your reports which really helps and your website a lot of goodies. So our next purchase is the LCD repair E-Book. For those who have not got This E-Book, I recommend, buy it and you will feel the satisfaction of all that’s inside the book, especially the help to solve the problems and guidance you’ll get from a teacher like Mr. Yong who is not selfish but will impart all he knows and experience to help you.

Thanks Yong and God Bless

Mr Lim B. H


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